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> Relate tasks to contacts

This plugin will allow you to manage a contacts database in your own Redmine and relate them to isues.


Contacts Database

Manage your database of customers, contacts, suppliers, employees of contacts, etc., in your Redmine. Relate your tasks with contacts to have maximum control of what you have and with whom you have to do it. You can also categorize and tag customers and add comments and notes to them.

Ficha de Contacto

Create the custom fields for contacts to adapt the database to your needs. In the contacts page, you will have at a glance the contact details, notes, deals and their issues history.

The employees of the contact-organization will also be visible.

From the contact's page you can also send emails, which will be registered in the system and appear in the contact's history.

Notes & Documents

In the contact page, you may add notes of different kind (emails, phone calls, etc.), so that you can keep track of everything you've talked about with them. You can also add any type of attachment, including images.

Send emails to contacts

You can use the CRM module to send emails to contacts or groups of contacts. This way, these messages will be registered in the contacts' page. You've go different “macros”, in order to create a single message that is valid for many customers. Your Marketing Department will thank you especially.

Deals & Quotations

Control and manage the quotations sent to your clients. In the CRM you've got a sales funnel, to check at all times how your sales are going in a certain period and be able to make forecasts. You can add comments to the operations, which are always related to their corresponding contact.


Who is the CRM Contacts plugin recommended for

Work with external parties

The CRM Contacts plugin allows you to relate tasks to contacts of all kinds. This way you will be able to manage tasks related to the outside of the organization.


If you are thinking about implementing a basic CRM, the plugin is perfect because it prevents you from using a new application for that function. Everything's integrated in Redmine.


If your Redmine already uses the Helpdesk plugin, we advise you to purchase the Pro version of the CRM Contacts plugin, to get the most out of it.

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