Helpdesk Plugin by RedmineUP

> Use Redmine for User Support

This plugin will allow you to use Redmine as a ticketing system like Zendesk, an internal or external user support system.


Tasks as support tickets

The Helpdesk plugin integrates with Redmine tasks and with the CRM Contacts plugin (free version; pro version is not required). On the task page, you can see the history of messages between the client and the Helpdesk, which has generated that task, and also access their previous tickets. You can create a helpdesk for each Redmine project.

Automatic conversion of emails into tickets

When a user sends an email to the mailbox that has been defined for the Helpdesk, the system checks every x minutes the presence of emails in the mailbox and, if there is any, automatically creates the task in Redmine with the message data.

If so defined, the system will also send an automated acknowledgement of receipt to the user with a text that can be configured through macros.

Routing Rules

The plugin has the ability to create automatic routing rules for new tickets. For example, if the sender's address includes the string “”, then mark the ticket with “High” priority and assign it to Redmine user “Yyyyy”.

Integration with CRM Contacts plugin

The Helpdesk plugin needs CRM Contacts plugin to work. The senders of the emails are converted into contacts in the CRM plugin database.

The Pro version of the Contacts plugin is not necessary, although it is recommended if we want to take advantage of the possibilities of users categorization that provides the premium version.


Who is the Helpdesk Plugin recommended for

Internal User Support

If you want to support your organization's internal user, but you prefer not to give them access to Redmine, you can use the Helpdesk plugin to interact with them.

External User Support

If you want to support users who are not in your organization, you can do so in an organized and procedimented way through the Helpdesk plugin.

Development-Support Integration

If you have two different tools, one for Development management and another for Support process, now you can integrate them through Redmine + Helpdesk plugin.

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