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Change fields position in a Redmine issue page

Now you can change standard fields position or include a custom field between standard fields in Redmine. Here is how.

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Calculating a Date Field in Redmine

Learn how to calculate custom date fields in Redmine. Easy tutorial for enhancing task management.

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Copia de seguridad Redmine Windows

How to Make a Full Backup of Redmine (Windows)

Learn how to make a full backup of Redmine on a Windows server with Bitnami. In this step-by-step tutorial, find out how to create a backup script, schedule its daily release, and apply a retention policy to keep only the last 3 files of each folder.

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Create a Redmine Helpdesk Ticket with a WordPress Form

We can integrate WordPress with Redmine UP's Helpdesk plugin. This is a brief tutorial on how to create a Redmine ticket from a Gravity Form.

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Create a Redmine Issue with a WordPress Form

Una de las características más potentes de Redmine es su capacidad para integrarse con otros sistemas. Aquí veremos cómo crear una incidencia de Redmine desde un formulario de WordPress.

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Redmine Full Backup

How to make a full backup of Redmine (Linux)

In this article you will be learning how to create a full backup of your entire Redmine application, including files and database (MySQL). And how to do the same process unattended as well.

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Update project field with issues time entries

One of the most used Redmine features is the ability to allocate hours to tasks. Here I will explain how to get the total spent time from all issues in a project and show this sum in a project field.

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Redmine: Get rid of the ‘Help' option in the top menu

In Redmine's top menu there is an option called “Help”. IMO this option can confuse the user, since she might reasonably think that the link will lead her to a help section inside the Redmine application So I think it is very legit to hide this option from the top menu. There are several methods to achieve this.

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Redmine custom workflow for parent task

Redmine: change parent task field when modifying subtask field

In Redmine tasks and subtasks have a close relationship. For instance we can avoid a parent task to be closed if a subtask is still open. But we can make this relationship even more dependent by means of the Custom workflows plugin. Here we will see how to modify a parent task field value depending on a subtask field.

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Convert select field to search box

If you want to convert a very long dropdown of a list custom field in a more user friendly search box, this is how to do it.

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Redmine 5.0 – Review of the new version

Redmine 5.0 brings some long-awaited improvements for users of this task management tool. But should we upgrade now?

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Redmine: Log time in minutes

Maybe you don't know it yet: in Redmine you can not only log spent and estimated time in hours but also in minutes.

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Show a user field in the issue page

Sometimes you would need to show a user field in the issue page. For instance: what is the user department of the issue's author? This is something we can achieve with a very useful plugin: Computed Custom Fields plugin.
Here I will explain you how to

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Redmine multi-language

Redmine is available in multiple languages, but not entirely. Its base structure is translated, but we do not have the option to translate the expressions of the different variables or values in the application. In this post we will see how we can turn Redmine into a 100% multi-language application.

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Screen with subtask inheriting values from parent task

Subtask inherits parent task values

When creating a subtask in Redmine you may want it to inherit some values from the parent task. Here I will explain step by step how.

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Can’t upload files to issues

You migrated/installed Redmine but now you can’t upload files to issues. There could be different reasons.

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Redmine Reminders & Alerts

How to create reminders and alerts in Redmine

In Redmine we can program email alerts that will remind users of tasks that have expired or are about to expire.

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Change Redmine welcome page

Change Redmine's welcome page

Redmine's home page is not a very useful welcome page. Why not redirect the users directly to their “My Page” or their projects list after login?

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Change Redmine's header color

Using your corporate color in the header gives a branded look to your Redmine application.

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Redmine: Show fields in one single column

If you want to show the issue fields in one single column, there's a quick tweak to achieve this.

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