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Having a support system (Help Desk or Helpdesk) for the internal and/or external customer that automates many processes and tasks, making them faster and more efficient, is a competitive advantage in today's market, where everything revolves around the customer, and agility in decision making is fundamental to the success of companies.

In this post we will see what a Helpdesk is and why it is so important for companies in the current socio-economic environment. We will also discover how with a single tool (Redmine) plus a plugin (Redmine Helpdesk plugin) it is possible to integrate a project and support manager, without having to recur to two different and isolated applications.

What is a Help Desk

When we talk about Help Desk we refer to a series of resources organized to deal with support situations (these resources refer to both technological and human resources). Although initially reference was made to Help Desk in the field of IT support (Information Technology), its use has now spread to cover both external (mainly customers) and internal support within an organisation or company.

Help Desk is in charge of managing the support to the external agents of the company, such as the customers (solving doubts, managing guarantees, fulfilling SLAs -Service Level Agreements- and any other issue related to them). It also helps to automate and streamline many internal processes of the company, such as the relationship and information of employees, interaction with partners, and other issues or situations related to the internal environment of the organizations.

What are the benefits of a Help Desk

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We are facing a business situation with a market characterized by high competitiveness. The digital transformation of companies and general globalization of the market have made data their most valuable resource: the effective analysis of this data allows companies to know their customers better and offer a better service, increasing their satisfaction and therefore their loyalty. The Help Desk service stands out in this environment as a powerful tool of differentiation, offering companies numerous benefits such as

  • More agile service. The Help Desk service is in charge of organizing the resolution of issues in a faster and more efficient way, automating certain processes and tasks. The optimized management of tickets allows to accelerate the resolution of the same ones, minimizing the communication times between the different parts that get involved (customers, customer support people and technicians).
  • Improves process and task management. A Help Desk system organizes work in an efficient way, assigning each ticket to the most qualified technician or technicians for its resolution. Help Desk improves these processes, gaining time in the resolution of issues.
  • Increases productivity. As we have seen, with Help Desk you act faster and more efficiently when it comes to service and support. The result is that the company will be much more productive.
  • Efficiently manages information. Help Desk properly manages the information, preventing the loss of important data. Thus, before any incident, the support team will have immediate access to the information already obtained in other incidents, which will serve to accelerate the resolution process. This optimal management of the information will allow the company to be more capable of solving the incidents in an effective and precise way in the shortest time possible.
  • Improves the company's image. Having a Help Desk projects a modern and professional image of the company, highly valued by current customers.
  • Increases employees' satisfaction and efficiency. The team members will have an organized system that will facilitate the processes, receiving only the necessary emails, automating some of their tasks and accessing in a simple way and in real time the necessary information for the resolution of each ticket. Help Desk increases the motivation of the personnel at the same time that it offers them an environment where they are more efficient in their work.
  • Increases customer satisfaction. For all the above reasons, companies that use Help Desk will make the customer experience more satisfactory, increasing their loyalty.

Redmine Helpdesk Plugin

Redmine can be used to manage a customer support or internal ticketing system (employees, collaborators, among others). To do this, you can implement the Redmine Help Desk plugin, which stands out for adding the following functions to the platform:

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Tasks become tickets

Redmine tasks are automatically converted into tickets using this plugin. In each of your Redmine projects you can create its own Help Desk and treat the tasks as if they were tickets from a support service.

Email generated tickets

When an e-mail is received in the mailbox assigned to the Help Desk, its corresponding ticket (task) will be automatically generated, with the data included in the message. This automation will allow you to manage the support system in a faster and more efficient way.

Priority system

The plugin allows you to create a system of rules to prioritize the emails converted into tickets automatically. This system can apply filters using the subject, content or sender of the email. Automatically generated tickets will also have their priority level assigned when it comes to being assigned and attended to.

Works with the CRM Contacts plugin

The CRM Contacts plugin, which facilitates the relationship with customers, integrates with Help Desk plugin, allowing, for example, to convert users who send emails to the Help Desk into customers, in an automated way.

With Redmine Helpdesk we have a project management tool (Redmine) that includes a support system, without the need for a second application. This way, it is possible to manage from the same platform, in an integrated way, the support for both the internal and external user.

Help Desk is a system for the management of support and customer service of a company. Its use offers multiple advantages to organizations, allowing them to be faster and more efficient, and therefore increasing their competitiveness in today's market.

With Redmine Help Desk you can have in the same platform, both a powerful and complete project manager, and an efficient support and customer service.

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