Big update for RedmineCRM’s Agile plugin for agile, kanban or scrum development

Redmine Agile plugin

RedmineCRM's Agile plugin is a powerful tool for any work team using agile, kanban or scrum methodology for their project management. Of course, it can also be very interesting for those who just want to manage their tasks in a very graphic and comfortable manner.

As stated in former posts, “Agile” converts Redmine tasks in “cards” or “post-its”, as in popular project management tool “Trello”, showing a very user friendly “drag & drop” interface. Thus, it makes it very easy to change the tasks' status or the assignee in the . De esta forma se hace realmente cómodo pasar las tareas de un estado a otro o reasignarlas a otra persona, dentro del flujo de trabajo del procedimiento o proyecto en el que estemos trabajando.

This update's improvements are:

  • New inline task creation: now you don't need to create the new task from Redmine's classic interface and then go to the “agile board”. You can do it directly from the card.
  • Notes/comments creation: in the same way we can now add notes or comments to tasks directly on the card, without needing to enter the task.
  • “Last comment” field: you can now view the last task comment on the card.
  • Checklists: in combination with  “Checklists“plugin, if the task includes any checklist, it can be seen on the card now.
  • Possibility to color cards by project. You could already assign colors by tracker, priority or assignee.
  • Estimated time sum in column header.

Ah, and the plugin has been also updated to the newest Redmine version, 3.2 version.

If you want to see a demo of this useful plugin, click here: DEMO

If you want to buy this plugin, you can do it here with an important discount.

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