Subtask inherits parent task values

Screen with subtask inheriting values from parent task

When creating a subtask in Redmine you may want it to automatically inherit certain values from the parent task. Here I will explain step by step how to achieve this.

What details to inherit

Let's assume we want the child task to inherit

  • subject
  • description
  • version

from the parent task.

Install View customize plugin

If you follow these Redmine Pills you have already noticed that I use View customize plugin for many purposes. This is one of my favourite Redmine plugins. It is my Swiss Army knife 😉

Create a new View

Go to Administration > View customize and create a “New view customize” as follows:

Path pattern: .*

Project pattern: include project identifier in case you only want this code to apply to a certain project

Insertion position: Bottom of issue detail

Type: Javascript

Code (copy/paste):

$(function() {
  var addLink = $('#issue_tree a[href*="/issues/new"]')[0]; 
  var subject = $('#issue_subject').val();
  if (subject) {
    addLink.href += '&issue%5Bsubject%5D=' + encodeURIComponent(subject);
  var description = $('#issue_description').val();
  if (subject) {
    addLink.href += '&issue%5Bdescription%5D=' + encodeURIComponent(description);
  var version = $('#issue_fixed_version_id').val();
  if (version) {
    addLink.href += '&issue%5Bfixed_version_id%5D=' + version;

Comment: Subtask inherit subject, description and version
Enabled: yes
Private: no

Here's a video with the result:

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3 thoughts on “Subtask inherits parent task values”

  1. Hola
    Necesito heredar un campo personalizado… intento con el siguiente codigo pero no funciona
    var cf_31 = $(‘#issue_custom_field_values_31’).val();
    if (cf_31) {
    addLink.href += ‘&issue%5Bcustom_field_values_31%5D=’ + cf_31;

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