Stop Managing your Tasks on Excel and adopt Redmine

Import Tasks Excel Redmine

Redmine now includes a full Excel (CSV) tasks importer. The lack of it was a drawback to many organisations, companies, teams, that wanted to migrate to a professional tasks/project management system, but needed to include their task historical too.

This video shows the simple process to import tasks from CSV to Redmine. The steps are following:

  1. Prepare a CSV file with all the tasks to migrate to Redmine.
  2. Go to the project in Redmine where you want to create the tasks.
  3. Match the columns in the file with the Redmine fields.
  4. Import… et voilà!

A couple of things to consider:

– if your CSV file includes fields that do not match the standard Redmine fields, then you have first to create them as custom fields in Redmine. Import seems to support all kind of fields, like lists, for example.

– you can indicate in the CSV file which users the tasks have to be assigned to. For this you may give the username or the name and surname as they state in Redmine.

– if some imported tasks are leaved unassigned, this happens because the assigned target user is not a member of the project where you are importing the issues.

– Tasks author will be the user that is running the import process in Redmine.

If you have any doubt regarding this process, you can contact me here.

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