Scrum vs. Agile: What is the main Difference

Companies today are faced with a market that has become globalised, breaking down geographical barriers. This new environment opens up great opportunities for organizations that were previously limited to local business, being able to access new markets. However, these new business opportunities also bring with them the emergence of new competitors.

To be able to face these new conditions, companies must be faster, more efficient and more productive, that is why they resort to new organization and management methodologies, such as Agile and Scrum.

In this article we will talk about Scrum vs. Agile, its advantages and its differences.

What is Agile Methodology

Most of the most successful companies are now using the Agile methodology such as Google or Apple. But not only large corporations use it, it is estimated that seven of each company already apply the Agile method in the management of their business and projects.

The Agile methodology is much more than a methodology, it is a philosophy that forces a change in the way companies think and organize themselves, putting the focus on the customer, dividing processes into tasks with shorter delivery periods, and becoming faster and more efficient.

What is Scrum

The Scrum method is a management system whose objective is to reduce the complexity in the development of services or products in order to deliver them to the client efficiently (with higher quality and shorter delivery time).

Scrum brings together a series of good practices for teamwork in order to achieve agility in processes that can be improved and obtain better results. In Scrum a project is divided into small cycles or sprints, ordered by priority, and which are delivered in less time, continuously adding value, and managing to optimize the entire development of the project.

Difference between Scrum and Agile

Scrum is a method by which the Agile philosophy or methodology is put into practice. Therefore, Scrum is an Agile methodology, with a series of practices and rules (sprints, events and artifacts) to achieve organize and manage a company or project in an agile way, encouraging collaborative work and focused on satisfying the final customer.

Agile is a culture, a change in the company in the way it organizes and develops its processes (based on the Agile manifesto). Scrum is the best known method to apply this Agile philosophy in a company, although there are others like Kanban or Crystal.

Using Scrum and Agile on Redmine

The Redmine project manager is an ideal tool to apply the Agile philosophy to a company, applying the Scrum method. To do this you must use the Agile plugin for Redmine, which allows you to use sprints (small tasks), artifacts (product backlog, sprint backlog and increment) or organize events (meetings), typical of Scrum.

With Redmine you can have full control over your Agile project, planning sprints, showing bundown and burnup graphs or assigning colors to tasks by priority.

Agile is the philosophy used by the most successful companies in today's market. Scrum is a method by which to apply Agile in the organization of a company or in any of its projects.

Redmine can be used as an Agile project manager, using the Agile plugin for Redmine, which enables the use of the Agile Scrum method.

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