Resource Management Plugin by Easy Redmine

Redmine Resource Management Plugin

Resource Management Plugin by Easy Redmine fosters an important aspect in project management with Redmine: resource and workload management. Note: it is a standard Redmine compatible plugin.

When activating the plugin in a project, a new tab for Resource Management will be shown on the project's menu. From there we will be able to visually control on which tasks is a member working and his/her current workload.  Thus, we will see overloads and bottlenecks and we will be able to edit the tasks by “drag & drop” in order to reassign them, change estimated time, duration, end date, etc.

Which are the main features of  Easy Redmine Resource Management?

  • Graphically visualize workloads of all project members.
  • Manage workloads by “drag & drop”.
  • Edit task details (estimated time, dates, duration, assignee) directly from the resource management panel.
  • Day, week and month view.
  • Competence management.

Here you can buy this plugin that will substantially improve the way you can manage your resources in Redmine.

You can also access a trial version of all Easy Redmine plugins here.


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