RedmineUP’s Full Bundle now includes two new Plugins

RedmineUP is the most recognized manufacturer of plugins for Redmine. Until now it had 14 plugins in its catalogue, all with a free version and, some of them, with a Premium version with advanced functionalities.

New Plugins

In addition to selling them separately, RedmineUP also has a “Full Bundle” offer, which allows you to purchase all the premium plugins with a significant discount on their cumulative price. The Full Bundle stack is very interesting when you want to convert Redmine into the base application for managing your projects, tasks and processes in your organization.

Recently RedmineUP has released the Premium versions of two of its plugins:

These two new premium plugins have been included in the “Full Bundle” without increasing its price, so the pack offer becomes even more interesting.

Savings with Full Bundle

RedmineUP plugins Price US$  
Agile 399
Helpdesk 299
CRM – Contacts 199
People 99
Questions 199
Checklists 69
Invoices 199
Finance 99
Products 149
Favorite Projects 0
Zen Edit 99
Tags 0
Mailchimp 49
Total Price 1859


Price of plugins separately: 1.859 US$

Price of Full Bundle Stack: 999 US$

Total savings: 860 US$ (46%)

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