RedmineCRM is now RedmineUP

Redminecrm is now RedmineUP

RedmineCRM, the premium plugins' manufacturer for Redmine has recently changed their name to RedmineUP.

It had to happen. RedmineCRM started its activities with the intention of endowing Redmine with the entity “Clients and contacts”, a dimension that until then lacked this tool for the project and tasks management.

Using the Redmine Contacts plugin, RedmineCRM allows you to create a complete database of customers, contacts and deals (business opportunities), as a CRM embedded in Redmine.

Later came other powerful plugins such as:

Redmine Helpdesk, for managing Redmine or one of its projects as a complete technical support system or customer service;

Redmine Agile, for converting Redmine's standard task lists into agile boards, which allow you to manage tasks using scrum, agile, kanban methodologies or simply making the workflow of a task more simple and graphical;

Redmine Checklists, for integrating “to do” lists into Redmine tasks;

Redmine Invoices, for invoicing the tasks managed in Redmine;

Redmine Finance, for managing the income and expenses project's budget;

Redmine Products, for creating a catalog of products;

Redmine People, for expanding the user database of the application;

Redmine Favorite Projects, for improving the projects list;

Redmine Q&A, for creating a knowledge base in Redmine;

Redmine CMS, a website editor to extend the CMS functionalities around Redmine;

As you can see, after this great expansion of the catalog with new plugins that did not have directly to do with the functionality of CRM, it makes a lot of sense to change the name of RedmineCRM.

On whether the change to the name RedmineUP is wise, time will tell, but I consider yes, it is a “catchy” name that gives the idea of improvement over the standard application that these plugins can achieve.

We wish Kirill and his entire RedmineUP team a lot of success in this new era.

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