Redmine plugin to auto assign users to projects

A customer recently asked me about the possibility in Redmine to automatically assign a couple of users (Consultancy Director and Chief analist) to all newly created projects.

Standard Redmine doesn't dispose of this feature: members have to be manually assigned to each project, from the projects settings or from the user's page. Furthermore you have to assign each user to a profile.

To fulfill my customer's needs I implemented the plugin “Advanced Membership Management“, which gave us the perfect solution:

  • Redmine's admin can define users or groups plus their profiles to be automatically assignedto each new project
  • the plugin also autoassigns members or groups automatically to subprojects when they are assigned to the parent project.
Plugin settings screenshot
Plugin settings screenshot

Notice: although the plugin's page indicates that it is compatible with Redmine 2.2.x. versiones, I have installed and configured it seamlessly on a 2.6. version.

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