Redmine: Get rid of the ‘Help’ option in the top menu

In Redmine's top menu there is an option called “Help”. IMO this option can confuse the user, since she might reasonably think that the link will lead her to a help section inside the Redmine application (for instance an internal knowledge base) but not to Redmine's community forum. This forum is definitely not intended for Redmine basic users but for Redmine admins.

So I think it is very legit to hide this option from the top menu. There are several methods to achieve this.

Option 1: Hide by CSS

To hide the option by CSS you can include this code in your theme file or create a view of the View customize plugin:

#top-menu .help {

If you use the View customize plugin, your custom view should look like this:

Option 2: Create your own plugin

Don't worry, you don't have to be a techie to be able to produce this plugin. Just follow these steps indicated in this thread:

1. Create a file called ‘init.rb'

2. Insert this code in the file:

Redmine::Plugin.register :remove_top_menu_help do
  name 'Remove Top Menu Help Item'
  author 'Mischa The Evil'
  description 'A tiny Redmine plugin to remove the top menu help item.'
  version '0.0.1'
  url ''
  author_url ''
  # Remove the help item from the top menu
  delete_menu_item :top_menu, :help

3. Put the file in a folder called ‘remove_top_menu_help'.

4. Upload the folder to your Redmine plugins' directory and restart your server.

Note: this method is not only valid for older (3.x, 4.x) Redmine versions but also for latest 5.x

Option 3: Install a plugin

There are several plugins in the Redmine directory to hide the Help option. One of the most widelyused plugins is Additionals. After installing the plugin, you will find a “Remove Help from top menu” option in its “Menu” tab of its configuration settings.

Now you can easily get rid of the Help option in Redmine's top menu.

I hope this was a useful tip for you!

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