Redmine: Delete, Archive or Close Projects

As Redmine users we all know how much information and data can be accumulated within a few months of strong use. Here I explain what can you do to take away from the default views all this information from non active projects and tasks.

Delete projects in Redmine

In Redmine the most drastic way to massively remove information that we no longer need is to delete a project. This will delete not only the project, but all content (tasks, imputations of hours, wikis, forums, etc.) that hang on that project. IMPORTANT: we will also erase all subprojects when deleting the main project. Everything will definitely be eliminated from our Redmine's database.

There isn't any permission called “Delete project”. This irreversible action can only be performed by the system administrator.

Archive projects in Redmine

A less radical way to hide records in Redmine that are no longer useful to us is to archive a project.

In fact, archiving a project has similar consequences to deleting a project (all project's and subproject's information is eliminated from the views and search results), with the difference that the data are not deleted from the database, so this action is reversible.

If a project is archived, we can activate it at any time by performing this action: Administración > Projects, in Filters > Status: archived > “Unarchive”.

As in project's deletion, this is an action permitted only to Redmine's administrators.

Close projects in Redmine

When we finish a project and we don't want the user to create new tasks or to log time on this project, we can close the project. If you close a project, it will disappear from the projects list and from the selector on the upper right frame. Besides, all tasks in this project will not be able to be edited and will disappear from all Redmine default tasks lists or reports, although they will appear on the search results.

The permissions to close and reopen a project can be managed at roles level. To close a project, go to the project's Overview > Close project. To reopen it just click on “reopen”.

Thus, we have three ways in Redmine to manage a project's status: delete, archive or close projects.

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