Redmine Checklists: create “to dos” in Redmine tasks

Redmine Checklists Plugin

In a previous post I already spoke about Redmine Checklists plugin by RedmineCRM. This plugin allows you to create “to dos” in a Redmine task. This functionality is recommended when we have to perform a task that is composed of several microtasks.

Recently, RedmineCRM has launched a “premium” plugin version with an interesting functionality: creating checklists templates. These templates can be defined in general or on a per project basis and allow that different users can use them when they create a new checklist, saving work and avoiding mistakes.

An example of a useful checklist could be the execution of an application back-up:

notify users of the service stop

 stop the service

make a copy of the application files

make a database copy

restart service

notify users of the service restart

Crear la checklist

Historial de cambios en la listaAfter selecting the template and assigning it to the task, the checklist can be expanded or modified at will. You can also create template categories in order to better display the lists in the template selector.

The plugin allows to discriminate access and actions to user profiles. Specifically: view checklists, perform and edit checklists items and manage checklists items.

This plugin is very useful in many scenarios. However I don't recommend using checklists as a substitute for Redmine subtasks that have different execution terms that need to be controlled or different asignees. The checklists items cannot be assigned and cannot be given a specific due date.

There is a plugin demo on RedmineCRM's website.

The “premium”version costs 49 $. If you want to purchase the plugin with a discount, please click here.

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2 thoughts on “Redmine Checklists: create “to dos” in Redmine tasks”

  1. Estimado Luis,
    Volviendo a consultar, esta vez por el plugin de Checklists, lo instalé pero solo es visible para los usuarios con perfil Administrador.
    Como siempre muchas gracias por las publicaciones y las respuestas a nuestras consultas.


    1. Hola, Daniel.

      Debes dar permisos de uso y visualización al resto de usuarios en los correspondientes perfiles. Ver a Administración > Perfiles y permisos y en el apartado de permisos para Peticiones, tienes 3 nuevos permisos que debes activar o no a los diferentes perfiles: Ver checklist, Cerrar items de checklist y Editar items de checklist.


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