Redmine 4.2 – Review

Redmine 4.2: Novelties and Improvements

Recently the Redmine development community released version 4.2.1 of our favorite project and task management application.

In Redmine versions 4.2.0 and 4.2.1, more than 200 tasks have been carried out to improve the platform, including new features, patches and bug fixes.

The most relevant improvements of these latest versions are listed below:

Accounts and security

  • 2FA authentication (#1237): as can be seen from the very low number of the issue, this functionality has been in demand for some time. Especially interesting in installations where sensitive organizational data is managed.
  • configuration of allowed or disallowed email domains (this allows e.g. only users from certain domains to register) (#3369)
2FA setup
2FA setup


  • trackers and custom fields can be created by copy (#34258, #34307)
  • new permission for non-administrator users to delete a project (#33945)

User interface

  • new “assign to me” link next to the “Assigned to” field ( #29285)
  • subtasks can now be created from the issue list context menu (#34303)
  • drag&drop feature added to file type custom fields (#30776)
  • an “open”/”closed” label has been created and displayed on the task page, next to the name (#33834)
  • improvements in displaying and accessing subtasks (#28471)
  • in the project selector (top right frame) the graphical hierarchy of projects is respected (#34798)
  • new icon in the project list for projects you have marked as favorites (#33908)
  • archived projects will be displayed differently in the project list (administration) (#34340)
  • explicit confirmation is required to delete a user or a project (#34417)
  • added an option in Redmine settings to set how projects are shown by default (list or board) (#32818)
  • new button in the toolbar to include tables, whose columns can now be sorted (#1575, #1718)
  • improved styles of various wiki titles (#28392)
  • links to pages in the wiki are now autocompleted when entering the name (#33820)
  • new “copy link to issue” button and to issue notes (#34703)
issue page with improvements
Redmine issue page (Zenmine theme)

Other improvements


  • groups can be added as issue watchers (#4511)
  • issue relations can be added to another issue in bulk (#33418)


  • all files attached to an issue can now be downloaded in a single action (zip) (#7056)
  • users can now be imported by CSV(#33102)
  • custom fields and some additional data are included in user export to CSV (#33126, #33347)
  • auto-select field mapping” can be checked when importing tasks(#22913)
  • relationships between tasks are respected when importing (#28198)


  • the Activity page can now be filtered by user and by date range (#4511)


  • in forum message notifications a link to the attachment is sent if there is one (#16006)
  • watchers can be added to forum threads (#3390)


Since version 4.2.1 has already been released, which is really a patch release that fixes the slight youth issues that version 4.2.0 might bring, I would recommend upgrading your Redmine installation to this latest version. In fact, I have already performed several upgrades, all of them without problems.


It is always advisable to make a first test migration and, once we have seen that this has occurred without incidents, then, perform the final migration. Although, as I said before, I do not foresee that major problems may arise when upgrading to this version, it is possible that, if you come from an older version, you have to be careful with the plugins you have installed. It is possible that old plugins and not updated by their developer are not compatible with this version of Redmine.


Best Redmine Themes Zenmine and Boostmine, are now compatible with the latest version of Redmine.

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