Redmine 4.1 with many novelties


Redmine 4.1: What's new

Today Redmine's 4.1 version has been launched.

This update contains 250 improvements and bug fixes, which continue to enhance our preferred task and project manager.

Redmine 4.1 brings important improvements; some of them could already be done by plugins and are now included in Redmine's core. For example, the ability to include images or screenshots in tasks just by simply copy-pasting from our clipboard or the ability to profile the visibility of custom fields in projects or dedications.

Redmine 4.1. Improvements

Here are the improvements I consider most important:

Accounts and security

  • force passwords to contain certain characteristics (capital letters, digits, special characters…) (#4221)
  • display user names in user profiles: this is intended to facilitate future “@user” mentions in Redmine (#26127)

Profiles and Permissions

  • Two new permissions have been created: “Edit your own issues” (#1248) and “Log other users time” (#3848)
  • Per role visibility for projects', dedications' and versions' custom fields (#23997#31859#31925)


  • improvements to Redmine notification headers and footers (#8343)
  • display warnings when workflows are not defined or when certain actions cannot be performed (#30853,  #30916, #31361)


  • allow copy-pasting of images/screenshots from the clipboard ( #3816)
  • show thumbnails by default ( #32249); also show thumbnails for PDF files (#22481)

Calendar & Gantt

  • mark the non-working days on the calendar (#27096)
  • show selected columns on the Gantt chart (#27672)

Email notifications

  • do not show empty fields in the emails (#10378)
  • possibility to show status changes in emails (#13111)
  • start and end date will be shown in the emails ( #13307)

Issues, lists and filters

  • Display issue history in tabs (#3058)
  • Show description for trackers ( #442)
  • You can group tasks in the list by new items, such as start date, end date, creation, update or closing date (#13803)
  • Improved task filters, e.g. for spent time (#26826) and new operators “tomorrow”, “next week” and “next month (#4502🙂

Other improvements

  • CSV Import of dedications (#28234)
  • You can now apply filters to the project list and save these filters (#29482).
  • “Favourite” projects in the project selector(#31355)
  • A link is added to the project administration in the project list (#32306)
  • Redmine API improvements
  • New block in My Page: updated tasks (#30975)


Although, as you can imagine, I haven't made any upgrade to this version yet, I understand that there should be no problem in upgrading (as it was when upgrading from 3.x to 4.0) Redmine.


It is always convenient to do a first test migration and, once we have seen that this has taken place without incidents, then, to carry out the definitive migration. Although, as I said before, I do not foresee any major problems when upgrading to this version.

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