Questions: New RedmineUP Premium Plugin

RedmineUP has recently launched a new premium plugin called “Questions”, to improve Redmine's usefulness in everything related to FAQs, Questions and Answers, forum and knowledge base. In this post I explain what improvements this software brings.

RedmineUP plugins are well known in the Redmine community due to their functionality, solidity and technical support. This company (probably the oldest company in the Redmine environment) is continuously testing the needs of Redmine users to improve its functionalities through plugins.

RedmineUP currently has a catalogue with 14 plugins. Each of them has a free version and, in some cases, also a paid premium version.

The Questions plugin, which already existed some time ago, has now received this premium version, the characteristics of which are described below.

Questions Plugin Features

Convert a Redmine forum into a FAQ panel

Now you can turn a Redmine forum into a panel with the typical display of a FAQ section.

In addition to being able to create frequently asked questions with their associated answers, you can also allow users to create questions and answers, and vote for the best answer, making the section much more interactive, similar to a “Get Satisfaction” or “Stack Overflow” service.

Create a knowledge base

Implicitly Redmine is a knowledge base, since all the tasks that are
created in the application and the solutions that are described in them, are searchable through the general search engine or filters, so that the knowledge generated is perfectly traceable.

However, it is always better to be able to structure this knowledge more exhaustively and for that there is nothing better than creating a specific knowledge base. The Questions plugin also allows Redmine forums to be converted into a knowledge base, with a format that is more similar to this one than to that of the others.

Create an ideas section

Nowadays it is also very common (and highly recommended) that all team members participate in the creation of ideas for

new products or for features added to products we have already launched. There are very useful external tools or services, butnow you will also be able to do it inside Redmine thanks to the idea boards that you can create with the Questions plugin. The users will be able to create ideas and these will be able to be commented and voted by the rest of the team, creating a ranking of better ideas.


Current price for this plugin is 199 US$.

Click on this button to obtain it with a big discount:



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