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So, you've come to the conclusion that Redmine is the ideal solution for your tasks, projects and process management in your organisation. However you don't have the time or the knowledge to implement it or simply prefer not to bother about its installation, maintenance, updates, security, etc. ¿Is that right?

OK, then there you are, the perfect alternative: gives you all Redmine functionalities, and many more, for a monthly fee, all included.'s Features

I suppose you already know the standard Redmine features (if not, please take a look here).

Additional to them, offers the following functionalities:

Chat | CRM | Agile boards | Helpdesk's Advantages against In-house Redmine Installation

You save the complex Redmine's installation process. You just need a browser to use it.

Highest security standards (firewalls and https encription).

Data and files automated daily back-ups.

Free and flawless data mimgration., what for covers similar needs as Redmine, but it adds important functionalities. What can we manage with

tasks_manangement Task management

phone_helodesk Technical support and bug tracking helpdesk

agile_card Agile project management

file_managementDocument management

chat Customer relationships (CRM)

communic Team communication

gestion_conocimientio Knowledge management

dedicaciones Time tracking


As Redmine does, has a global potential market. From big companies, to SMEs or independent professionals; from service companies to industries, anyone can use for organisation purposes. And not only for internal members, you can use also for tracking external collaborators' work.


In you've golt plans from 19€/month.

Take into consideration that with youi can adapt your costs to your current needs. There is also a 30 days completely free trial period and you don't have to worry about setup costs or long-term commitments.

Besides, it is remarkable that all features, included char, CRM and Helpdesk, are available right from entry level plan.


On‘s webite you can get more extended information about this app.

If you prefer to directly ask me about, there's no problem, please contact me here and I'll try to respond soonest possible.

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