New on RedmineCRM Helpdesk: First Response Report, Web Widget and Email Dropbox

The renown Helpdesk plugin by RedmineCRM allows you to convert your Redmine install into a complete helpdesk system, both internal and external.

A new version of the plugin has been recently launched, which includes important improvements:

1. First Response ReportInforme de 1ª respuesta

This report allows you to view at a glance a series of quality indicators of your Helpdesk service, both static and dynamic (evolution over the previous period). The indicators are:

  • average first response time to the customers' requests;
  • average closing time;
  • average number of responses to close a ticket;
  • total responses number.





2. Web Widget

Vista del widget de HelpdeskWith the new Helpdesk widget you can include a form into your website or other Redmine page, so that users can transparently make requests directly on your Redmine install.

The form can be customized to show only certain ticket fields and it includes also the possibility to add a file to the request.




3. Email Dropbox for Ticket UpdatesBuzón para tareas

A new “email dropbox” funcionality has been added to the Helpdesk. Now for each issue, you can add notes or updates, just by sending or forwarding emails to an email dropbox assigned to a ticket. To do this, the user has to include the ticket number to an admin email address with ‘+' sign (for example ), and your message will be added to the indicated issue.


If you are already using Helpdesk plugin by RedmineCRM, go to your License Manager section in your customer panel and download this important update.


If your are interested in this powerful Redmine plugin, you can buy it here with a discount or you can also contact me if you have any doubt or request.


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