How to Migrate from Trello to Redmine

In this post we will see how to migrate our tasks from Trello to Redmine using a script.

Trello is a terrific and, therefore, widespread task and project manager in the cloud. Its “cards like” and “drag & drop” interface has since been replicated by almost every task management tools that exist in the market.

Reasons to migrate from Trello to Redmine

However, there are many reasons that at some point a team or an organization may decide to “move” to Redmine. These may be some of those reasons:

  • Independence of an external commercial tool: Trello is a private company. As such, one day it can disappear or simply change their product strategy in a direction that is not compatible with our interests.
  • Preference for open source tools: to avoid what has been said in the previous point, or simply by belief in the philosophy of “open source” software, you might prefer to use a tool such as Redmine.
  • Cost savings: in case of big teams Trello's monthly bill could be cost ineffective. Redmine is free, has no license or maintenance costs. If you have your own IT department, you can install and maintain it yourself.
  • Permission Management: One of the great potentials of Redmine is its granularity when managing user profiles and permissions. Trello doesn't reach Redmine's concretion in this area; powerful permissions management is necessary for many organizations.
  • Workflow management: in Redmine you can create workflows more or less automated, so that a task can progress though a certain path towards several states and not to the state desired by the user. This is good when company procedures have to be strictly followed.
  • More functionality in Redmine: Trello is a “category killer”; to manage tasks it is perfect, but on the other hand, it just does this. However, in Redmine you will find a host of features around tasks, such as Wikis, Gantt, news, documents, version management (for software development projects), etc., etc.

How to migrate contents in Trello to Redmine

Migration of data accumulated in Trello during many months or even years can be a laborious or outright impossible task. However, recently a script has been published in the development community that allows an automatic and immediate data transfer. Click here to go to the script's page on Github.

This script has been developed on Python and uses JSON and Redmine's REST API.

To use ir, you have to edit the configuration file, filling in it with our Trello's account data and our Redmine's installation data.

Data that can be mimgrated from Trello to Redmine

So, actually which data can be migrated from Trello to Redmine by means of this script?

  • convert Trello cards  into Redmine tasks,
  • convert comments on Trello cards into comments on Redmine tasks,
  • convert Trello checklists in plain text for the tasks description in Redmine,
  • map Trello users  with Redmine users,
  • map Trello lists with Redmine status,
  • map Trello labels with Redmine priorities.

According to the developer of the script, if a Trello card is assigned to multiple users, only the first user will be assigned to the corresponding task in Redmine.

Agile Plugin  (“Trello like”) for Redmine

Finally, I take this opportunity to comment that Redmine already has a professional plugin (with a free version and a more advanced payment and technical support and upgrades) to convert Redmine's tasklists in a “Trello like” panel, so if you are used to Trello's interface, don't worry, you will not miss it when you migrate to Redmine.


Notes to the post:

  • I'm not a Trello pundit, therefore this post might include any inaccuracy regarding its functionalities. If you believe that there is anything that can be improved in the post, please, do not hesitate to leave a comment.
  • I haven't used the script yet to do the migration from Trello to Redmine. If anyone has used it and wants to leave his/her opinion, please write a comment. Thanks a lot!


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