Kanban vs. Scrum: What is the main Difference

When applying an Agile methodology, companies mainly use the Scrum and Kanban methods. Although they are two different methods of work organization, they have many points in common, so they are not mutually exclusive.

Next, we will see a Kanban vs. Scrum comparison, when to use one or another methodology and how to deploy it in the Redmine project manager.

What is Kanban

“Kanban” comes from the combination of the Japanese words “Kan” (visual) and “Ban” (cards) and consists of a method of business and project management that aims to optimize tasks quickly and efficiently, to make projects more productive.

Kanban is a task management technique that uses cards (on a Kanban board), standing out for its visual aspect, which allows at a glance to understand the state of the project and its tasks.

The Kanban methodology is based on 4 principles:

  • Prioritize quality.
  • Reduction of waste.
  • Adaptability and prioritisation.
  • Continuous improvement.

What is Scrum

Scrum is the Agile method most used by companies, being a management system whose purpose is to reduce the complexity in the development of processes, to make a delivery to the customer efficiently (more quality in less time of delivery).

In Scrum a project is divided into small tasks called sprints, which are prioritized, and it takes less time to complete them, and managing to optimize the entire development of the project.

The Scrum methodology is based on 4 principles

  • Flexibility to make changes.
  • Importance of the human factor.
  • Continuous communication with customers.
  • Dividing the work into small resolution tasks in a short period of time.

Difference between Kanban and Scrum

The main differences between these two Agile methods are

  • Scrum is based on a stage or sprint work while Kanban does a continuous work.
  • Scrum uses multi-disciplinary teams (all members can do various functions) while Kanban uses teams composed of specialists.
  • Scrum has more rules than Kanban.
  • Scrum requires roles in the development team, while Kanban does not.

Using Kanban or Scrum on Redmine

Redmine is a powerful project management tool used by many companies. It is an ideal tool to implement an Agile methodology in a company. With Redmine's Agile plugin, you will have the possibility of configuring the platform to apply the Kanban card method or the Scrum sprint system.

If we talk about Agile methodologies where “less is more”, two of the most used today by companies are Kanban and Scrum. Although they have differences in their way of organizing work, they have many similarities and share the goal of offering better quality products and services in less time.

When to use Kanban or Scrum
The Scrum organizational work system is best suited to those team projects that remain constant throughout their execution, while it would be convenient to opt for Kanban in those complex or high level work processes that require experienced teams, capable of adapting and evolving according to the needs of each moment.

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