Jira Gantt Chart plugin vs. Redmine Gantt plugin, comparison

Jira Gantt Redmine plugin

The Gantt chart has been used for many years to plan tasks over a period of time. Its horizontal bar charts that are sorted by activity are ideal for monitoring and managing all types of projects. A Gantt chart shows in an overview where the team stands in each phase of the project, and is often used in presentations, controls and project updates as an easy to understand visual tool.

Redmine and Jira are two powerful project management tools that are widely used in the business world. Both have plugins or add ons to add to their functions the possibility of generating Gantt charts.

Next, we'll look at the features of both plugins and finally discuss their similarities and differences.

Jira Gantt Chart Plugin

The Jira Gantt chart plugin allows the inclusion of Gantt charts for the project management and visualization and the status of their tasks in Jira.

Main features of the Jira Gantt Chart plugin

  • You can plan projects visually.
  • It includes drag & drop interface to facilitate the management of dependencies and tasks.
  • One-click update of spent time and pending tasks.
  • It has an intelligent system by which tasks are assigned taking into account the available resources.

Other features that deserve to be commented are

  • the inclusion of critical path graph,
  • plan follow ups,
  • different types of links for the tasks,
  • it shows the finished percentage of each task,
  • it shows alerts for tasks that have been delayed and
  • it has the option to order the visualization of issues

Redmine Gantt Plugin

For Redmine users who want to integrate the Gantt chart to manage their projects, they can install the Easy Gantt plugin.

Main features of Redmine Gantt plugin

  • Tasks can be edited directly from the Gantt chart.
  • Drag & drop system for task dates.
  • It incorporates the option to zoom in/out of the project, to get a more global or more detailed view.
  • The progress of different projects can be displayed in the same view.
  • Includes filtering and sorting options.
  • Critical path graph

Easy Redmine Gantt has two versions, Free Easy Gantt which has some limitations like no critical path or being able to have several projects in the same view. The second option is the Easy Gantt Pro and it includes all the functionalities of the plugin.

These are two plugins that offer the possibility of using Gantt diagrams for project management on two platforms such as Jira and Redmine. Jira's plugin stands out for having an intelligent system that assigns its tasks automatically taking into account the available resources. On the other hand, Easy Redmine Gantt plugin stands out for its several configuration options, as well as the possibility of visualizing several projects in the same graph.

Both plugins fulfill their function of implementing the Gantt diagrams in their platforms, so it is recommended to use them, in Jira (more focused on big projects) and in Redmine (more versatile and simple for small companies or projects).

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