Improvements in Redmine 3.4. Version

Nueva versión Redmine 3.4

The new 3.4. version of Redmine was launched yesterday. Last major version was launched one year ago. This is a platform that is characterized by a rather conservative philosophy. Core developers do not like the rush, but the job well done. This makes of Redmine a very reliable application in production environments.

The new features and patches are really abundant: 40 defects, 78 patches and 82 (!) new features. In this post we will focus on the latter and describe the most important improvements.

Improvements in authentication

  • Option to hide certain user's custom fields in registration form: very usefull in environments where external users are involved.

Improvements in Administration panel

  • “Tooltips” are added in workflows', permissions' and trackers' matrix.

Improvements in Attachments

  • RELEVANT – a new “attachment” custom field has been created. This was highly demanded, because in the previous versions there was only the possibility of adding the files to a task in an unstructured way, as an attachment. Now we will be able to add different kinds of files to a task but also list reports by this field. Thus we will be able to see a task list where we will easily see which tasks have a certain file attached.
  • Now we can delete many attachments in one single action.

Improvements in Custom Fields

  • We already spoke about the new custom field “Attachment”.
  • The “long text” custom fields can now be displayed in full width.

Improvements in Tasks

  • RELEVANT – Now we can appoint a per project's default assignee. This is feature is very useful in installations where tasks are added from email or where external users create tasks, but we don't want to show them the possible assignees.
  • Done percentage of related issues can now be seen in issue page.
  • Option to copy “watchers” when copying tasks from one project to another.
  • You may not close parent tasks if a child task is open.
  • Option to filter tasks by “any” or “none” version.
  • We can hide the standard description field.

Improvements in Filters/Reports

  • Option to filter by attachments: very interesting and related to the new custom field “Attachment”.
  • Option to filter tasks by projects excluding certain subprojects.
  • Option to filter tasks by “Updated by” and “Last Update by”: this will show us the last tasks a user has been working on.

Improvements in Task Lists

  • New column “Last comments” on tasks.
  • New column “Last Update by”.
  • New column for attachments.

Other Improvements

  • Improvements in “My page”: the customization capability of this summary page has been greatly improved.
  • New permissions “View forum” and “View news”.
  • Performance improvements.
  • API improvements.
  • Support to Ruby 2.4
  • Searches are now done on projects and subprojects by default.
  • Spent time improvements.
  • Translations updates.
  • UX improvements: basic improvements have been developed, although Redmine developers prefer that major improvements are done by UX experts by means of new “themes”.

Well, this was the summary of this endless set of improvements that come with Redmine 3.4.

IMPORTANT: I would not recommend to immediately update your Redmine installation to this new version, IF you have installed important plugins. We have to give the plugins' developers time to update and test their new versions.

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