Easy Redmine vs. Jira: Comparison

Easy Redmine project manager is a very easy to use tool that includes many features, making it ideal for all types of companies, especially those who do not want to deal with the installation and deployment of applications.

Next, we will talk about Easy Redmine and compare it with another successful project management platform, like Jira.

What is Easy Redmine

Easy Redmine is a “vitaminized” version of the Redmine project manager that includes a combination of the most used add-ons with a design adapted to mobile devices.

It is important to note that Easy Redmine belongs to the company Easy Software, while Redmine is an “open source” tool managed by its development community.

Benefits of Easy Redmine

There are many advantages when using Easy Redmine to managing a project, as it includes Redmine's most successful plugins, increasing its functionality and adaptability to a wide variety of projects. The main modules included in Easy Redmine are

  • Resource management. With Easy Redmine you can manage more than 20,000 users, drag and drop in different areas and panels, view all resources of a project, statistics and other functions to manage resources.
  • Agile Project Management. Easy Redmine allows you to create Scrum or Kanban boards to manage agile projects. With Easy Redmine, collaborative, flexible and task-focused management is easy, including graphic panels, cards and more. It also includes the Easy Gantt chart extension that allows you to manage tasks directly from the Gantt chart of each project or from the global chart.
  • Customer service management. With Easy Redmine Help Desk you can offer your customers high quality support that will increase their satisfaction with your company and internal productivity. The ticket management is done in a simple and efficient way, either using email, or from the user interface. Each ticket can be stored in projects, defining its service level contract (SLA), generate reports, spent hours, etc. Easy Redmine allows advanced task management to efficiently manage external or internal customer support, streamlining processes.
  • Customer relationship management. Easy Redmine can be used as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and improve the company's relationships with its customers and the data that these relationships are constantly generating.

Easy Redmine es un gestor de proyectos potente y flexible, que dispone de una amplia funcionalidad y que puede ser instalado tanto en un servidor local como en la nube.

What is Jira

Jira is a project manager that adapts to any type of company that faces projects and manages work groups that use the Agile methodology. In addition, it can be used for software development management, management of any kind of project, product management, task management or for issues tracking.

Benefits of Jira

Jira is an ideal platform for companies with Agile work teams, as it has a number of features that are ideal for that work environment. Jira's main advantages are:

  • Jira Core. As a BPM (Business Project Management) tool, it uses workflows and helps to manage the processes, carrying out a detailed follow-up of the different tasks assigned.
  • Jira Service Desk. It is designed for service and IT teams, as it provides all the necessary tools for issues, bugs and changes tracking.
  • Flexible planning. Jira allows flexible project management using methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban boards, or even both simultaneously. It allows element hierarchy, task prioritization and complete reporting of different projects.
  • Multiple devices and working in the cloud. Jira has an app for working with mobile devices, so it allows great versatility when working in a team. With the option of working in the cloud, any member of the team can access their dashboard from anywhere and at any time.

Easy Redmine vs. Jira

Easy Redmine and Jira are two project management tools that stand out for their flexibility and power, allowing them to take on a wide variety of projects, facilitating the work of team members and improving speed and effectiveness.

Easy Redmine is very simple to implement and use, not requiring any in-depth knowledge to be able to set it up and start managing projects. Jira, however, has a slightly more complex learning curve, requiring more time to move around the platform and manage its tools and functions. Its configuration requires a higher level of abstraction than Easy Redmine.

For technology companies or teams based on Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban or hybrid), Jira is a management platform that integrates all the necessary tools. With Easy Redmine it is also possible to manage agile teams and use Scrum tools and Kanban boards for project management.

Both tools support diverse projects, work teams and more than 1000 users. In addition, they can be installed on a local server or opt for a cloud hosting plan.

The free version of Jira allows up to 10 users, has 2 GB of cloud storage and has many of the main functions active, although some are restricted (e.g. advanced permissions). Easy Redmine offers a fully functional version for a 30-day trial period. During this period you can check if it is the ideal manager for your company or project and then pay for one of the subscription plans offered to continue using it.

Both Jira and Easy Redmine have a large community of users, so it is easy to find information, plugins and general support for both tools. In the official websites of Jira and Easy Redmine you can find extensive documentation about the tools, as well as access to forums and tutorials. Easy Redmine offers the possibility of receiving an online training the second Thursday of every month, to learn how to manage inside the tool, to customize boards, to handle teams and other basic questions of configuration.

When choosing a tool for the project management of a company, both Jira and Easy Redmine are presented as two good alternatives.

Easy Redmine is best suited to small businesses or projects due to its ease of implementation, simplicity of use and learning, and its versatility. On the other hand, Jira is ideal for those more complex projects that use Agile methodologies, since it is designed to make Scrum, Kanban and hybrid models successful.

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