CRM, what it is and what it’s for

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a type of tool whose objective is to bring together all the company's communications with its clients on the same platform to facilitate access to it, get to know them better and offer them better products and services.

Any communication that the company receives or maintains will be automatically saved by the CRM software and associated with the customer's profile. These communications may include phone calls, text messages, e-mails, meetings, and any other communication that occurs in the customer relationship, recently including interactions on social networks.

What is the function of a CRM

CRM tools are a powerful weapon for companies because they allow them to know their customers and thus improve their relationship with them, offer them what they need and ultimately improve their experience.

The main functions of a CRM are:

As a sales tool

The sales team has a lot of information about the customers, being able to know first hand what their previous purchases have been, their tastes, what problems they may have had in the past, etc. In real time, the sales staff can access all the data about the customers, which is a great advantage when selling products and services.

Optimizes time

The CRM avoids unnecessary time loss by answering e-mails, calls, consulting customer information or requesting reports from other salespeople. The CRM makes the sales team more agile and has much more time to dedicate to the client and to sales.

Improves internal communication

A CRM tool shares the information obtained by a salesperson for the rest of the team members, and even for the customer service department. This exchange of information reinforces both departments, which immediately have the necessary information to deal with customers, being faster, more productive and offering a higher quality service.

How to use Redmine as your CRM

Redmine is a powerful project management tool that stands out for its flexibility and versatility. With the use of add-ons such as the Redmine CRM plugin, it is possible to use Redmine as a powerful CRM platform.

The main features of this plugin that allows you to turn Redmine into a complete CRM are:

  • It allows to relate contacts to Redmine issues.
  • It provides many CRM features such as setting workflows and sales funnels and adds graphical dashboards and reports.
  • Simple and effective email management with the use of reminder dates and automated response emails.
  • Allows you to view all customer information from the contact page (open tickets, communications made, pending tasks and orders).
  • It is a customizable plugin, being able to add fields, change fonts, colors, tasks, contacts, etc.
  • It includes the option Deals that even allows to forecast the income when estimating the deals that can be closed and its probability.
  • It allows to add Notes to the contacts, where to include all that information, drafts, reminders or any other relevant functionality.
  • It is a lightweight plugin that does not affect the performance of the platform.

The use of a CRM software enables the company to focus its efforts on the customer as required by today's competitive market. The Redmine platform is suitable to be used as CRM software, with the use of some specific complements.

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