Convert select field to search box

Let's say you've got a Redmine custom field of type “list”. The possible values are very numerous, for instance the streets of a populous city. If the users have to go through the whole dropdown to find their value, this can be confusing or time consuming.

But we can convert the dropdown into a search box, to make the the field more user friendly.

As in other Redmine Pills, we will use the View customize plugin to perform this change.

Create a new view in the View customize plugin

Type: JS

Path pattern: /issues

Insertion position: bottom of issue form

Code snippet:

$(function() {
  const replaceSelectToAutocomplete = function(selectElement) {
    const $select = $(selectElement);
    if ($select.length == 0) {
    const options = $select.find('option[value!=""]')
      .map(function() {
        const $option = $(this);
        return {
          label: $option.text(),
          optionValue: $option.val()
    const $autocomplete = $('<input type="text" class="ui-autocomplete-input autocomplete" autocomplete="off">');
    const applyToAutocomplete = function() {
      const currentSelectValue = $select.val();
      if (currentSelectValue != '') {
        const initAutcompleteValue = $.grep(options, function(option) {
          return option.optionValue == currentSelectValue;
    const applyToSelect = function() {
      const inputValue = $autocomplete.val();
      const matchOption = $.grep(options, function(option) {
        return option.label == inputValue;
      if (matchOption != null) {
      } else {
        source: options,
        minLength: 0,
        select: function(event, ui) {
      .on('blur ', applyToSelect)
      .on('keypress', function(event) {
        if (event.key == 'Enter') {
          return false;
      .on('change', applyToAutocomplete)
    // replaceSelectToAutocomplete('#issue_assigned_to_id');
Copy the whole snippet as it is, but please remember to change the custom field id from “99” to your custom field id

Note: we have tested this solution with hundreds, even thousands of values in the list field, and it works perfectly.

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2 thoughts on “Convert select field to search box”

  1. Miguel Ángel De La Cruz

    Genial Luis. Lo he aplicado en nuestra implantación de redmine y es muy útil para facilitar el uso de campos con múltiples valores, como es el caso de Municipio, o campos de tipo Usuario.

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