Change Redmine’s welcome page

Change Redmine welcome page

We all know that Redmine's home page is not a very useful welcome page. Depending on the use of the application, users may find a page with little content. But what if the users would directly be redirected to their “My Page” or their projects list after login?

Changing welcome page to “My Page”

We have to edit the following file:


Go to the first lines of code:

Rails.application.routes.draw do
  root :to => 'welcome#index', :as => 'home'

And change the 2nd line to this:

Rails.application.routes.draw do
  root :to => 'my#index', :as => 'home'

Changing welcome page to the Projects list

If you would like your users to directly go to the Projects list after login, then change the same line to this:

Rails.application.routes.draw do
  root :to => 'projects#index', :as => 'home'

After the changes, remember to restart your web server so that the change is effectively applied.

IMPORTANT: since this change has been made in the Redmine core, you will have to do the same changes in case you update your Redmine version. I know this is not the most canonical way to do this change, but it is the easiest way for “code beginners” 😉
TIP: Take note that Best Redmine Themes also allow to change Redmine's home page from Welcome page to My Page, although doesn't avoid the first redirection to the welcome page after login.

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  1. I am using redmine 5.1, and if its going to my/project all the time, does that mean its a defect? It should go to my/project only after login right?

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