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Boostmine by Best Redmine Theme

Boostmine by Best Redmine Theme is a new theme designed for Redmine. It is a special template because it allows adaptation to any company's corporate image.  Below I explain the most important features of Boostmine.


  • Adaptable to the corporate image of any company, organisation, freelance…
  • It is” responsive”: it adapts to any screen (desktop, tablet, mobile); in this sense, it has to be said that the theme is “responsive” in the same way as Redmine is since version 3.2, but it will not be able to convert Redmine into a responsive application if you are using a lower version than version 3.2.
  • Entirely developed in CSS and JS
  • Boostmine default colors are the same as Redmine default theme's colors
  • It is compatible with most Redmine plugins, especially the widely used RedmineUP's plugins.
  • It is a “premium” theme, paid theme
  • Provides technical support, through a knowledge base (where they explain how to modify the theme to adapt it as needed) and a support service, in case these explanations are not sufficient.
  • There two plans
    • “Do it Yourself” Plan: you make yourself the adaptation to your corporate image, in case you need any changes in standard Boostmine design
    • “Do it for me” Plan: you send your logo or, for example, your style guide to Boostmine and they adapt the theme for you.


Which theme elements can be customized

  • favicon (the small image that appears in the browser tab when using the application)
  • the registration and login pages' backgrounds: you can change the default image to another image included in the theme or another image of your property.
  • fonts
  • header, active tab and links colors
  • other colors (sidebar, inactive tabs, backgrounds)
  • trackers colors
  • priorities colors
  • you can change the per default “sticky” header to fixed header
  • change “My Page” as home page



User area

Boostmine Interfaz de Usuario

Go to Boostmine Tour

Admin area

Go to Boostmine Tour

Responsive theme

Go to Boostmine Tour


Here you have some examples of the different looks that Boostmine can achieve, with different backgrounds and multiple color combinations.

Boostmine showcase

Go to Boostmine Tour

In short, Boostmine is a theme that comes to revolutionize the interface of this wonderful project and task management tool that is Redmine.




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