The Best 7 Redmine Themes

Boostmine by Best Redmine Theme

IMPORTANT UPDATE: A new theme has been recently launched from the Best Redmine Theme‘s factory: Zenmine. 

It has been included in this list and we have written a specific blog post about it.

If there is something we can blame Redmine is its standard interface, which is remarkably improvable. In fact, I have come to the conclusion that the developers' community, mainly composed by programmers, has left this important issue in the hands of the UX designers, so that you can get the best user experience by means of themes and templates.

And indeed, there are themes, excluded the default Redmine templates, that substantially improve the user experience in Redmine.

Below I enumerate 7 themes that I have used in my Redmine implementation projects:

Zenmine by Best Redmine Theme

  • Pure lines theme. White as predominant color.
  • Fits well with any corporate image due to its chromatic neutrality.
  • Issue list with color codes for trackers and priorities
  • 100% RedmineUP compatible.
  • Compatible with all browsers.


Zenmine by Best Redmine Theme

Boostmine by Best Redmine Theme

  • This theme has been designed following the last trends in web applications' design. It uses Redmine's default colors, but can be easily changed.
  • You can modify the theme very widely to adapt it to your corporate image, whether company, organisation or freelance.
  • Compatible with many plugins and with 2.5+ Redmine.


Boostmine issue list


  • This theme is developed/maintained by  RedmineCRM, , thus ensuring that the plugins installed from this developer are smoothly displayed in your Redmine installation.
  • Issue list with color codes.
  • Sober and clear interface.
  • Logo can be changed.

Download it here.

Flatly light

  • Nice and modern look & feel.
  • Useful and original sidedbar toggle menu.
  • The modules menu in a project might not be seen correctly if many modules are activated.
  • 90% RedmineCRM plugins compatible /li>

Download it here.


  • State of the art theme based on Bootstrap.
  • Very nice “fade in” effect.
  • blue color predominant, can be easily changed via CSS.
  • 90% RedmineCRM plugins compatible.
  • Doesn't include a color code in the issue lists.
  • Admin panel looks very different in comparison with the standard one.
  • Uses Font Awesome icons

Download it here.


  • Redmine premium theme.
  • Responsive: Redmine interfaces adapts to the different screen sizes, specially its main menu.
  • Issue list with color codes.
  • 100% RedmineCRM (light) Contacts plugin compatible; 95% with the rest of RedmineCRM plugins.
  • Dark colors for frames; white for contents.
  • Pay theme: 19€ (one timer) / 39€ (one year subscription)


Modern theme:

  • Very nice interface that gives Redmine the user experience they deserve.
  • Designed with SCSS and Bootstrap.
  • 100% RedmineCRM and Redmine Backlogs plugins compartible.
  • Constantly supported by the developer.
  • It is not responsive, but very “elastic”, that is, it adjust very well to different screen configurations.
  • Very exhaustive color codes in issue list.
  • Sidebar can be hidden if necessary.
  • It uses Font Awesome icons.

A couple of drawbacks:

  • theme doesn't seem to have active updates or support lately
  • modifications of the theme need to install a component (node.js) on the server side.

Download it here.

And what about you? Do you know any Redmine theme? Share it with us and comment this post!

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