Best Methodologies for Project Management

In a market as competitive as the current one, having an adequate project management methodology is essential to be competitive and to be able to grow. There are several methodologies and tools suitable for project management that make use of the latest technologies, such as the Agile methodology or the CCPM methodology.

We will see what a project management methodology is, what types of methodologies are the most used and finally we will see what the Agile methodology is.

Types of project management methodologies

Each project is different, with different approaches and needs, so it is not easy to agree on the most appropriate methodology in each case. The best option is to have an advanced understanding of the different methodologies most commonly used today, in order to be able to analyze each project and its management needs.

Some of the most commonly used project methodologies are:

  • Agile methodology. It has a focus on projects that need flexibility and speed, dividing the work into small tasks with short delivery cycles.
  • Pert methodology. It uses probabilities to calculate task execution times (optimistic, pessimistic and normal).
  • Gantt-based methodology. It makes use of schedules to reflect duration start and delivery of tasks.
  • Critical Chain Methodology (CCPM). Based on the theory of constraints to establish what is the minimum time in which tasks and projects can be completed.

What is Agile Methodology

The new technologies sector was the first to apply the Agile model. It is based on a new system of organization and work distribution, seeking speed (agility) and flexibility among the different teams. The Agile methodology is based on the “divide and conquer” concept, separating projects into small tasks with shorter delivery times.

There are different ways or methods to apply the agile project management philosophy. Among the most widely used are:

  • Scrum. Methodology based on Sprints (Scrum sessions) that are used prioritizing tasks and with a determined time (usually 30 days).
  • Prince 2. Structured method of project management that incorporates good management practices, dividing each project into different phases that are more manageable.
  • Kanban. Methodology that makes use of cards for a visual management of projects divided into tasks or projects. Kanban comes from Japanese, Kan (visual) and Ban (card).
  • CMMI. This is a methodology used in companies in the Information and Communication Technology sector. It uses KPI metrics to control that business strategies are achieving their set objectives.

The methodology chosen for the management of a project is fundamental to guarantee its success. Currently there are several methodologies in use, where it should be noted that the Agile methodology is the most successful and is used by top companies like Google or Apple.

It is estimated that all big companies manage their projects with Agile methodologies, and in general, seven out of ten companies have chosen Agile as their working methodology.

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