Automatically add Watcher to Task in Redmine

A customer recently asked me if there was in Redmine a possibility to automatically add a user as watcher of all tasks created in a certain project. It was the Quality Assurance Manager, who wanted to be aware of all issues created in the Quality Assurance project.

Following, the solutions I assessed:

  • ¿does Redmine have this feature? Simple answer: no. Issue watchers have to be manually added, they can't be automatically added following a specific logic.
  • ¿is there any plugin for this need? I reviewed Redmine's plugin directory and I found some plugins that could perform a similar action, but I was not convinced by the evidence that the plugin where not maintained by their developers.
  • ¿is there an alternative way of solving this need? Yes, there is.

In the end we opted for a simple solution in Redmine, that was perfectely valid for the customer.

The idea was not to persist in the “watchers” solution, but just to change the user's notification settings only for this important project:

in “My account” > “Email Notifications”, the user just had to change to “For any event in the selected projects only…” and select the Quality Project.

From this moment on, he would receive a notification for all issues in this project, and for the other projects, he would still receive emails when being assigned to a task.

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