Easy Redmine Review: Best Alternative for Redmine

In this review about Easy Redmine I will describe this professional platform and in what way it is different and even outstands Redmine in some aspects.

Note: this post is under construction.

Quick Tips

What I like
– Extensive features
– Amazing and easy-to-navigate user interface
– Following Redmine roadmap as basis
– Alerts
– Price
– Doble model: cloud + server
To be improved
– Overwhelming options when onboarding
– No (native) mobile app
– No discounts for intensive users

Recommended for

I recommend Easy Redmine for small or medium companies that don't want to hassle with setting up or maintaining their own application server. These companies usually don't include a full time IT specialist in their staff and prefer to focus on their business rather than spending time in learning how to install and deploy an application.

In a Nutshell

My Score
Features 9/10
Ease of Implementation/Use 7/10
Support 8/10
Pricing 8/10


Easy Redmine has got tons of features apart from the typical project and task management capabilities. Here we are going to go through only the most relevant ones.




Resources Management


Implementation / Integration


There are 15 predefined global user types (roles) in Easy Redmine 2019 (more coming soon). Each user type has a ready to use dashboard with features according to particular responsibilities.

Complete permissions and workflow are defined for each user type. Permissions and workflow settings are divided into 4 levels (Chief, management, executive and external) and implemented by roles & permissions.

This makes Easy Redmine 2019 implementation as easy as setting up just 1 option for each user – select his/her user type. However, infinite possibilities of any custom set-up are kept. As well as dashboards customizations. 


Easy Redmine has recently published the “Owner's Manual”: a full and comprehensive guide that should help users and administrators in their relationship with the Easy Redmine application.


No application should be an information island and Easy Redmine seems to know this well. Therefore they have dedicated lots of efforts during the last years to develop bridges and export-import capabilities with other well-known tools and platforms. Current integration or migration tools include: Redmine, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel, Jira, Asana, XML/CSV, Outlook and Zapier.

See the whole list of third-party tools.


Easy Redmine is available under two models: “Server” & “Cloud”

Server Model Pricing

Cloud Model Pricing

How Easy Redmine Compares

FeatureEasy RedmineRedmineRedmine plugin
Task & Project ManagementYesYes
Agile-SCRUM-KanbanExtra moduleNoAgile plugin
HelpdeskExtra moduleNoHelpdesk plugin
CRMExtra moduleNoCRM Contacts plugin
FinanceExtra moduleNoFinance plugin, Invoices plugin
HRMExtra moduleNoPeople plugin, Resources plugin, HRM plugin
Knowledge BaseYesYes
ReportingExtra moduleNoReporter plugin, Reporting plugin

About the Company

Easy Redmine is a company established in London in 2007 with development center in Prague (Czech Replublic).

As per their website, the team seems currently to be formed by around 70 people.

Easy Redmine likes to partner with software implementation companies all around the world. There are ca. 50 partners certified by Easy Redmine. These companies are empowered to implement Easy Redmine software at a professional level and with success guarantee.

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